Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The 1971 Ford LTD

Introduced in 1965 the Ford LTD gave buyers an upscale luxury feel more often associated with more upscale cars. Some believed that LTD stood for ‘Luxury Trim Décor.’  The LTDs were a success, and by the end of the decade,  LTD sales  were close to the more modestly priced Galaxie. In 1970 the even more plush Brougham models were introduced. 

Originally the LTD was only a 2 door hardtop model, but eventually the 4 door sedan and station wagon were added to the lineup. It wasn’t until 1971 that the convertible was added.

The full size Fords were completely redesigned in 1971 beginning with a prominent vertical grill theme. Headlamps were exposed but set deep in cavities that flanked the central grill. The hood now concealed the windshield wipers. On the sides, large tapering creases began at both ends of the car and tapered towards the middle.Alarge cove under the trunk held the wide tail lights that were broken into three sections.

The wheelbase of the 1971 LTD’s was 121 inches, the same as it had been since 1969, but now the wheel tracks were slightly wider

Standard LTD’s were equipped with a 351cid V8, but also available were the 390m the 400 and the 429. Most LTD’s came with SelectShift Cruise-o-Matic automatic transmission although a 3 speed manual was available.

1971 LTD standard equipment included  power front disc brakes, a self regulating clock, and woodgrain interior appliqués, Convertibles carried a vinyl interior.

With sales of 478,925 LTDs in 1971m, the LTD was a huge success for Ford that year.